Who is Ed Fountain?

My Grandfather & his sisterMy Grandfather and his sister.

My Grandmother & Grandfather
Grandmother and Grandfather

The Name

Ed Fountain is a combination of my name Wesley Fountain and my grandfather's name, George Wesley Edward or "Ed"(as people liked to call him). He was a pillar of his community; a loving husband, father, grandfather, and an Army veteran. He was a sharp dresser and a bit of a renaissance man: he owned real estate, a catering business, and enjoyed making things with his hands. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was 8 years old so when it was time to start my entrepreneurial journey I knew I wanted to honor him. Creating a brand that embodies the characteristics he lived by; substance, quality, and style is a rewarding way to pay homage to a man who taught me so much.

The Products

Ed Fountain products are handmade in Atlanta, Georgia. The leather is sourced from US leather manufacturers or repurposed from leather garments. The leather accessories are hand stitched. The bead jewelry is hand strung. All wire wrapping and soldering is done by hand, in-house.