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Premium Camel Blue stitch Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Premium Camel Blue stitch Front Pocket Leather Wallet

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Premium Camel Blue Stitch Wallet with brown stitching - mens front pocket wallet.
Perfect for your essentials, this premium leather wallet, features blue hand-stitched and unique brass snap closure.  These wallets can hold up to 12 cars after they are broken in.

The leather is less than a quarter inch thick making it perfect for the front pocket. The wallet is very clean, stylish, and durable. The beauty of leather is that it expands over time allowing you to add more cards or photos.

Makes the perfect gift!

Measures 4.25 inches x 3.25 inches
Weight 1.25 ounces

Hand-sewn utility strap also available perfect for holding earbuds, flash drive or a lighter. Only $10.00 extra at checkout.

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